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Clash of Clans – Bowlers + Valkyries Ultimate Attack Strategy | Becoming #1

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  1. You is amazing man!

  2. Can u live stream coc or cr

  3. Ash,please make an updated deck for the lava hound,I cant find a good deck.Plsss!

  4. Ash….love ur coc videos….pls make them more! CR is getting repetitive and boring! Atleast make 2-3 co videos per week pls.

  5. About time you uploaded some clash of clans :D

  6. Thank you for your videos!

  7. GOOD LUCK !!

  8. The healers got blowed out of the map by the air sweepers, thats my guess. Its not the first time i saw this bug, when lava loonion was pupular this happened really often to people and they began to disign such bases to hope to defend against air attacks.

  9. proash <3

  10. thats a bug where when the healers get pushed outside the map by the air sweeper you can try in fc

  11. Ash! If you are reading this, I just wanted to say that I already got a three crown with the buffed prince and witch!! It was such a fast game.

  12. ash whats the best strategy to 3 star at th10 now?

  13. I would do a joke about legendarys…

    but most of u wont get it

  14. Ash I believe in you, you can reach 200,000 subscribers. Good luck!

  15. Lol you actually got 34 trophies not 31 xD

  16. AWESOME!!!!! LOVED IT.

  17. #ToAsh Please make this video: Icewizard in def against every single card! Where is it good to use him in def? Please like that he can see it!

  18. How many hours do you have to play ClashOfClans per day?

  19. I just love your videos.. your techniques are just amazing… and yes your guidance in the video… the way you tell us how you do… it is just perfect… keep doing good work

  20. Ash change your intro music up!!

  21. Hope to hit 50k EPIC subscribers this year!

  22. I wish you can make your intro more professional