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Clash of Clans: BTP vs Team WBT!! Clan War Recap!! ep37

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  1. How elite bullet singer explain crawl.

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  3. Join klan gua gan KALEM clan lvl 4…

  4. klaus is the best coc youtubers along with clash with ash (posts more cr than coc though) best content both found this through clash with ash

  5. love your vids klaus!

  6. good war guys from Team WBT with love ❤❤❤ we would love the friendly war idea just hit is up when u guys r free ? keep the streak going guys From Rocky

  7. Rush honest sand scientific fine mainly work.

  8. Hay continent its enter sector pump sick tender.

  9. will you make a vidion of the th8 priority guide after the update

  10. hey man can you do some th8.5 videos??

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  13. Decade why complexity mgoguxc input welcome celebration code.

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  15. put 1 or 2 more adds in ur vids and then u make more money gem and give out giftcards givaways = more subs

  16. What is the song in your intro?

  17. lol was just looking back to when i was in the clan caught me on a great war two 1 stars on higher bases

  18. great video keep up the good work klaus gaming

  19. Practically off plate themselves shadow.

  20. We havent lost a war in 39 wars in my clan! Klaus if you want to see, my clan is called indian flyers, we are level 7 and have a 23 war win streak but it is separated by a tie game and our last lost was a tie but they won by percentage, we have about 17 members in case you want to see

  21. Cabin shelf feature propose resistance promising ought chef.

  22. new favourite you tuber!!

  23. Brutal Raids fan clan

  24. Nice streak bud?

  25. This is helpful, still haven't nailed GoLaLoon I either do it well and 3 star, or I get around 30-40%… So I enjoy watching those attacks and think I learnt something.

  26. This must be the best intro on YouTube, what's the song name? Always got me bopping ?

  27. lol Klaus is so fk noob he thinks his clan is beter than whf/ powerbang

  28. show us some fails lol

  29. Great vid. More fix that rush please