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Clash Of Clans – BUYING LVL 4 LAVA HOUND!! ( minion with balloons combo)

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  1. Where's clash royale

  2. great ???

  3. I just changed my picture t giant larry

  4. Hey godson can you tell me how you got a Peka at the first and the video you made was great.

  5. Nice clickbait

  6. godson make a video of u attacking in war cuz I haven't seen u do that in a while

  7. guys plz sub to my channel

  8. godson can you give me 1 clash of clans account pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee replyyyyy

  9. Godson found a channel thats stolen ur content….. its called lash gaming.

  10. i see thinknoodles video about youtube book thingy and i see godson channel inside it in gaming section

  11. Try battling pleople with ONLY COMMON CARDS in clash ryale

  12. Goodson if you still do not know what the mine pekka saying I think he saying "Destroy

  13. godson make your videos longer pls homee

  14. Nice intro

  15. why dont u use EQ. its better than the jump spell

  16. its cheaper for you to buy resources in shop

  17. When is the next ep for cooking w/ walkyrie ?

  18. What Is FTW?

  19. mrs.king vs mr. queen who will win

  20. i am the only one here who likes and plays clash of clans too much…….but never like or
    support the creators?

  21. ???

  22. ชอบมาก แต่ผมฟังภาษาอังกฤษไม่ออก

  23. after you uploaded them to YouTube

  24. I have a question for you God son do you save your videos

  25. Godson maybe invincible speel in CLASH of clans?

  26. PEE PEE KA KA combo

  27. why did i hear pokemon gold/silver in the background lol? around 4:00

  28. I love your intros, im dying xD

  29. What if they make a spell that show the traps

  30. Hey, Godson! Are you planning to max out th-11?

  31. what screen recorder do you use???

  32. All i want is someone talking about those miniclips he adds before the intro in the youtube comments.But I find nobody.Hell theyre so funny right?

  33. Cant farm.. So they are maxing..

  34. Do upgrade skeleton spell GODSON.PLS


  36. Be honest, who else thought he upgrades lavahound in Clash Royale?


  38. The intro tho ??

  39. hahahahaha

  40. Wow jump spell plus minions GG

  41. 3:05, nice save godson:)

  42. why is it called peepeekaka?

  43. I love those intros lol

  44. people still play this game?

  45. Does anyone else think Godson sounds black?

  46. The into ???? I'm peeing my pants

  47. Lava hounds always wreck me?

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