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Clash Of Clans – BUYING NEW UPDATE 2016!! (Mortar lvl 9, Inferno tower lvl 4 w/ All hog raid)

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  1. I've noticed the lighting of the Loot Storages has change, also when you have 0 Gold there is nothing in the Storage, not even a single Coin.

  2. Why do you need jump spell at hog riders?
    They are jumping

  3. hi love to vids

  4. Hoggggg doooggggsss!!!!!!

  5. balloon parade!!!

  6. yesss

  7. Do you know about Dbz

  8. The intro was the best intro I have ever seen

  9. Yeeeeeeeaaaa hooooooooooog ridas but he put a jump spell with hogs

  10. Too many clickbate thumbnails for clash of clan

  11. nice video can't wait until I max th9 I'm half way there

  12. Why your one Archer Tower on the left side is still sooo low bro ? ?


  14. 10000 vewer

  15. Jump? Hogs can jump over walls

  16. why did u train a jump spell when u were using hogs!?!?

  17. Hey Godson when is your next livestream video?

  18. These clash of clans vids are old :P

  19. You trained a jump spell with all hogs ??

  20. Nearly finished dark barracks still 10 days left

  21. nice~!

  22. "hes bald and green!!" has hair

  23. lol he he got a jump spell for hogs

  24. do a all ballon riad

  25. Why do you have level 1 cannon?