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Clash Of Clans – BUYING NEW UPDATE!! (Miner,Baby dragon & More!)

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  1. You should try a new strategy


  2. the intro was epic????

  3. cash for.apps is the slowest sht ever sucks

  4. it would have. send so much more fun to grind for the new update dont complain and say you're getting bored with clash.

  5. Intro?

  6. they changed the way the wizards shoot

  7. lol

  8. No no Mr queen

  9. it's "eggs" not "ayggs"

  10. What's the outro song?

  11. Love you godson

  12. Y did he do the jump spells for the dragons? LEL

  13. btw wizard lv5 shoots like a fire stream

  14. love u godson

  15. There is nothing in the new update for th8's…. So sad

  16. uses flying units, brings 2 jump spells

  17. hkgf

  18. YeeeeAaAaAAAAAAAaaaAAAAaaaaAAaAaAaaa!!!!

  19. Lost friends, respect and sleep? Why?

  20. Supercell is ripping coc with Clash Royal stuff -.-

  21. Do dragon and baby dragon attack

  22. U drunk or something?

  23. lol cool cool m8

  24. the intro makes me gringe

  25. Can you do a baby drag and drag attack pls (like if you agree)

  26. olá

  27. This guy is the king of intros

  28. Mr queen screaming was terrifying

  29. 10:20 song name?=

  30. there is a way around the updates, its called playing the game!