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  7. why was the mismatch in townhalls ???

  8. fuck u worst video ever

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  10. Damn cam missed aq ability as always in the attack on#1

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  15. silver funeral motion stuff.

  16. lacked a little bit on the walls???? THE WALLS A FUCKING SHIT SAY IT AS IT IS!

  17. nice game pb….

  18. You a console gamer too? Or just mobile madness clashness?

  19. hey pb

  20. cam best!

  21. Funny how this guy fails every single live attacks. Cheery Picking at its finest for other vids.
    Also I remembered him failing with miners before nerfing. LOL Now that everyone is 2 staring u gpta be happy bcz u were 2 staring anyway.
    This is what happened when u let a th10 youtuber let talk about TH11 players. U need a queen walk lesson from Jake or from a new TH9 of a good clan who didnt get any player banned in the banwave.

  22. I am from san francisco, dont call us san fran smh lol

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  26. Love you! Keep up the good work PB!!

  27. both of my favorite