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Clash of Clans CAN WE BECOME A CHAMPION?!? Zero 2 Hero Ep 9 S 2

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  1. Bro I heard you came back sorry about your brother but I'm happy you are making amazing videos again :)

  2. Is this real life?

  3. Where were u all this time?

  4. YES!!! Finally back!! :)

  5. He's back!!!!!!


  7. landon is black !! (get it ? he's in master's league)

  8. Love you landon

  9. Instead of Avada Kedavra, Allahu akbar always comes to my mind on your intro :D

  10. True fan here :)

  11. Yes youre back <3

  12. Man it's great to see you back it doesn't even feel like real life. It'd be awesome to see you collab with Mystlc7 or Cam

  13. Great to see you back land! Maybe you could do a Dr. Land? Loved that!

  14. You should try a clan war with cam or mystic7

  15. Welcome back!!!! Was your No.1 fan!!! Looking forward for more videos!!! Keep it up!

  16. Hi!

  17. This series started my passion for youtube and clash of clans. :D

  18. ive missed you OMG

  19. Play clash royale my man !

  20. U should play some light background music ? and I hope u live stream soon ! Use kamcord it's really good ! I wanna see you farming the grand warden plz ! And lol I still love ur into and outrow clearly the best ?

  21. OMG UR BACK!!!!!!!!!

  22. awesome video land
    great to have you back!!
    you should do a video with cam and witelighitngHWD they are great youtubers just like you ;)

  23. holy shit

  24. Thought you were dead

  25. id love to see landon do wars again and I remeber he gave me lots of tips and hope he gives me more in his videos


  27. Yay landon is back

  28. :)

  29. Dude woa hello

  30. You're alive?

  31. Finally

  32. Sick vid 🙂 great to have you back bro

  33. Hey man it's great to have you back ☺️

  34. Welcome back I missed this series ?

  35. Its so good having u back landon!!!!??

  36. Welcome back!

  37. Welcome back♥️

  38. yay ur back I love u landon

  39. Do collabs with clash with cam and mystic7

  40. i had no idea who you were until mystic7 shouted you out. Where have you been all my life?!?

  41. why do you not post. vids on YouTube for so long?

  42. yes he is back

  43. Hearing that outro on a new video brings back some good memories lol

  44. Love your vids