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Clash of Clans – CAN WE DO IT? LEVEL 9 VS LEVEL 5 CLAN! CoC Underdog Clan War!

Clash of Clans Gameplay & Commentary! Do you like Clash of Clans? Yea you do! Since you like Clash of Clans, check out the links below for more! WORLD’S …


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  1. Wow wite is so behind, lvl 2 witch and warden and no eagle artillery

  2. sweet video and sup

  3. white u should go up against cam's clan in war

  4. CQOTD:will you be waiting for the warden to upgrade or gem his time?

  5. Their are so many circles in raids now xD

  6. You know clan lvl dosnt affect the match supersuck (supercell) already said so

  7. why bitch better have my money as the background music lol

  8. why did you drop in masters? I haven't been on YouTube for some time, so did i miss something?

  9. Why does it sound like there is a duck the side of your mouth lol, you sound weird in this vid

  10. Ya clan wars are cool but don't tell us what the results are in attack in the beginning of the attack. Make it exciting and suspenseful by NOT TELLING US THE RESULTS AND MAKE IT FUCKING SUSPENSEFUL AF. KEEP IT UP WITH THE AWESOME VIDS "BRANDON" lol

  11. How do you record on your iPhone 

  12. Clan wars! Yes

  13. LEAFYISHERE anyone?

  14. Who else thought it was cams clan?

  15. CQOTD:Why dont your clan likes to war?

  16. Can you play td battle ballon plz

  17. did anyone else see in the clan chat some tryed to get us to subscribe to his/her youtube page at the end

  18. Blue

  19. Why did he go down in trophies

  20. CQOTD:Will u ever open daddy'sDarlings For one day for ur fans.