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  1. Or tell RUTHLESS 50 to open and let me join my name is gabe123ff

  2. Can u make a clan on ur th9 account and let me join plz

  3. Hey beaker ur queen is lvl 15 but mine is lvl 10 and I hv 3 starred many th 9 and it's awesome to just farm with queen walk. Like we just use the queen to get as much as she can and some barchers behind and it works well. So don't worry about ur queen

  4. lol i queen walk with a level 5 queen on multiplayer

  5. lol, "the level 15 is is terrible" I'm just sitting here as a newer town hall 9 with a level 8 queen :|

  6. i pulled off a queen walk and pulled in 2k dark on my level 1 queen – its all about base selection

  7. I have a th8 and is getting to max i need a verry good war clan ??????

  8. high quality mature content man, you earned a sub!

  9. Hey beak! My queen is level 9 and I queen walk with her bro! If you wanna check out a replay I'm in Loot Authority my ign is RJ

  10. hey i cant join ur clan can u let me in pls or open the clan im a subscriber

  11. that first base that has been attack, i saw a lot of them and I easily take their de, i dont why people still using that base

  12. Shoutout to Beaker for showing us how to 3 star the base that i find 80% of the time

  13. heyy how i get free gems
    i m so tired of 3 builder huts
    i m on th7
    please help

  14. can I join ur clan

  15. Hey beaker

  16. Hahahahahaha ye beak

  17. Hi Guys I'm a Clash of clans  YouTuber. I'm aiming for 50 Subs. I have 3 accounts and have 2 series about th-7 and th-8 farming ,pushing , maxing and a few other video about clash of clans updates and stuff . Its so hard to
    get seen on YouTube Now Days & thats why I'm in the Comment Section.
     Hope you Understand :)

  18. I queen walk with a lvl 4 queen but it's going to 5. U need Giants to tank for the queen tho.

  19. Beak can you make a vid for farming at th7

  20. I don't even have a queen I'm a town hall 7 with a low level barb King lol

  21. hahaha at 10:58 when he try's to do his hair

  22. Can someone tell me why he always wear a white shirt

  23. Beak should not be getting any dislikes!! >:(

  24. how is it that this channel has no subscribers this guy is the shit

  25. i just wanted to say your videos helped my a lot beak I'm easily unrushing my base because last month i had lots lvl7 walls and all this stuff I'm already doin my 9's I got everything max th8 lvl and I'm workin on th9 😀 just wanted to say thx and your awresome

  26. I queen walked at level 11 and now she is upgrading to level 13.

  27. I walk my lvl10 queen haha I have to use like 6-8 healers tho

  28. I queen walk with level 13 queen attack th9 and my queen never dies

  29. You need 4 healers not 3

  30. Looking for some good members! Search FoxtrotUniform

  31. i use mine at level 14 and i use her with loons and most times its 99 or 100% its very possible all you need is make sure she doesnt die and your good, take ou two air defences for me and that gives me a guaranteed win

  32. hi beaker

  33. beaker i just finished all my lvl 9 walls 😀
    time for lvl 10 ;-;

  34. I've been queen walking since she was level 5 (now she's level 13). I queen walked Sherbet Towers when she was level 5 and posted that video. That was a fun thing to try – goblin levels give you as much time as you need, and it took around 7 minutes. That'll be the only way to 3 star using only the queen walk.

  35. join The Red Water Tribe NOW. Leaded by an experienced player, anyone can join, it is a warring clan. Let Red Water Tribe storm to victory. RECRUITING NOW

  36. I've seen a lot of people attacking me with Giants and wizards

  37. Beak is learning! Heh heh heh

  38. Yo Beak!

  39. Nice video Beaker, "Well whats up queen, hiding behind the pekka" ????

  40. My queen never use the jump,mother stupid bitch smh

  41. Beak I asked but Desile declined it's because I'm rushed and have very bad here's can you invite me please

  42. Beacker can i Join your clan

  43. Thanks