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Clash Of Clans – CHANGE COLORS!! NEW UPDATE IDEA! – Troop Colour Features July 2016!

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  1. New feature/ to be able to customise defences as well, instead of using a barbarian 1000 times u have to get 1000 kills with e.g an archer tower

  2. newfeature/spear gobs 1 housing space

  3. You could have a Resource Balloon that uses your resources to protect your base?

  4. Fuck

  5. New feature/green PEKKA

  6. Maybe supercell could add a new spell called the Eagle spell which hits a building of your choice with eagle altillery bolts

  7. barb wit hammer and more hit points

  8. tony bro what is date next update.

  9. Tony how bout supercell upgrade barbarians and max lvl barbs get excalibur

  10. New feature/ Upgradeable builders so they work faster, new troop Prince

  11. New Feature/A Princes unlocked in th9?

  12. For bowlers instead of rocks have blowing balls

  13. Good

  14. that idea is amazing as it would allow players to customise their account

  15. Play coc.

  16. What about a target or checkpoint . Wherever it is placed troops will break everything in their way and head directly towards that point instead of straying afar and it will help those who can't funnel properly

  17. New feture new troops use gold ???

  18. PLUS keep playing coc everyone!!!

  19. New feature/ Like you said you should if you get enough xp  they should change their weapon e.g Level 1barbarian (sword) Level 2 barbarian (hammer) level 3 Barbarian (double sword) and so on and so on!

  20. cool idea :-)

  21. This is SO AWESOME!!

  22. I have got an idea!! You probably won't notice my comment TONY but lets just try!! What if we could set our army composition to train in barracks? Maybe a retrain previous button or different compositions to store just like different bases!! And we can train troops we require with single click unlike clicking every troops!! Like lets say in war if we need gowipe click the gowipe composition, if dragons then click dragon , if other then likewise. 3 composition would be enough I guess!! It could save time and make it easy to play and also it saves us from troop mixup hassle.. If barrack is upgrading or there is already troop in barrack then popup error!! How is it ?

  23. i want axes in gobolins hand