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  1. Lol ive been in my clan since th2 like 2 years ago and im still elder, not to mention that ive been in the clan more than the leader ??

  2. #ClanHoppers

  3. papa franku!

  4. Nice work dude.

  5. I though he was gonna say one of them grabs your balls

  6. Add "JOIN HERE NOESEEWWWWWW" to the shit that only happens in global

  7. There*

  8. this is gr8 content

  9. I would be a long time meamber but I am th6

  10. this video had me crying, keep it up Bro ???

  11. Lmao I roast people in global it's such bait ?️

  12. I like turtle power better than new one

  13. I'm a leader of a clan there are so many clan hoppers

  14. i donate wall breakers if i think they gonna leave LOL

  15. I'm a near max th9 and I went into global the other day. And some noob th7 rushed as fuck goes "oh wow, your so rushed." He has 100k gold/elixir stolen and lvl1 cannons and 1 air defense ????

  16. Im a active player and Co, We have 3 kind of people like that. And 1 sucks so bad.

  17. Sorry fsu but I'm a 12 year old and have been in my clan for 6 months now and it would be cool if you would do coc fails


  19. filthy frank <3

  20. No more turtle power?