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  1. um, yes it is. offense is accounted for in the recommended target on a blank untouched war map on battle day

  2. this is mindblowing… i cant believe what i am hearing… now it is clear why we always get double th11 as we have…so funny and same way poor that we players didnt know about that now for 2 years

  3. yeah, that's what they want us to think ? #.5 forever

  4. If upgrading troops matches you against stronger bases, doesn't that kind of negate the purpose of upgrading troops?

  5. Ash…you promised us a farming video without the AQ weeks ago! Sorry to be a nag but I am now constantly upgrading my queen and need some advice please! I am a recently upgraded to th10 from a max th9.

  6. What about ghosting infernos as th 9.5 or xbows as 8.5? They are dropped after the war match, so obviously they aren't part of the war weight but offer a big advantage. I wonder why it's even possible to use a building defense. I mean I do it with my baby th9 as well but it doesn't really make sense.

  7. When does this actually come into affect?

  8. hey many accounts do you have?I am amazed.

  9. All my life has been a lie :-(

  10. They need to fix XMODDERS!

  11. So hyped for next video! Love the new intro ash! Keep up the great content

  12. ash, u speak many too big words…

  13. What a horrible attack. Any news on when they are going to fix the healers stack power.

  14. Umm all this have been said already in videos

  15. Hey Ash, can you upload a video on Clash Royale for arena 5 with all troops below arena 5. Thanks

  16. Thanks for explaining and telling us the truth Ash

  17. Makes sense! the storage capacity (defensive value) works so well for arranged because 9 outta 10 times the troops are maxed for both "mirrors." Great insight, thanks again Ash ?

  18. ash any thoughts on when the next clash update is coming out?

  19. Ash I can't wait for the modding stance video ! but according to this video, should all low 9s get those xbows up quickly ? or wait til offense is maxed ? it seems like most war players are doing this already. thanks and great video.

  20. Nice

  21. Love the outro song!

  22. Good video, dude! Cant wait for the next

  23. nice

  24. Dang. Been a 9.5 forever now so this just blows my mind.

  25. Hey ash it's been a long time I remember when you only had 20k now look at you I'm really happy for you great job

  26. Ash, I'm at a loss here… I thought you were about to drop a bomb on us, but we've known for a long time that the storages/th only represented defensive weight and that offensive weight was pretty much secret. (The calculator occasionally avail from the Gay Martian clan seems to be helping us balance out, but there's no concrete way to confirm or dispute it.) Thank you for clarifying the w/L record though. Looking forward to hearing sc stance on modding.

  27. So glad I joined you clan! I am in Altar Of War and my name is Tiel™

  28. what would weigh more offensive or defence will too bases with just level one cannons still play roll in new update?

  29. the title makes it seem like it would be much longer