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Clash of Clans – Clan War Recap #2 – DF2 vs BarbariaNParty (Cam’s Clan)

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  1. Christian here from BNP. First of all Danny is a fk boi who just likes to talk shit … He wasn't even in war and it's clear we don't need screen shots as there were many fresh triples. 2nd of all who uses a spy with their clan in their name "BNP Danny". No reason for us to cheat as we know what we are capable of. And again Danny is just a fkin clown looking to talk shit as he is known to do

  2. Danny haha the lad the myth the legend x idk if he even has a brain

  3. Hey it's Arrogant From BNP. No one ever tried to spy. We are 100% FP in war, and Cam records our wars as proof. Please do not be ignorant and think that if one member from our clan tried to join your clan (and Danny is a dick) that we would cheat.

  4. Hey Ethan, SmoggTV from BarbarianParty here 😉

    BNP Danny didn't want to go go spy on your bases… He never has done that in the past. He is completely fairplay, and so is our clan. He said, "I just wanted to go say hi." 😉 … and u didn't even accept him xD

    Nice vid btw :3

  5. Look i am in BNP and if you know Danny he is never serious. He is one of the biggest shit talker EVER (no offense to Danny) But I can assure you we didn't cheat and we didn't want to. I thought it was a fun war and hope this doesn't create any drama and if we wanted to cheat why would we send a dude over with BNP in all caps in his name. We would be smarter about cheating ? (jk) p:s I used to be in df2-df3