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Clash of Clans Clan Wars ♦ I’m DONE ♦ Awaiting an Update!

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  1. Once again not happy with any update until u can war with heroes upgrading i mean u have ur queen down for 7 days then u put ur kibg down and for people like me who love wars i hate it


  3. Broad staff affair ryrbzof against forty.

  4. I know I'm late on this vid. but plz notice this, lvl 12 walls shld be like this: they have a barrier upon them, the hogs cannot jump over it, bowlers cannot throw boulders over it and maybe miner cannot cross it? they have to break the barrier, double the wall breakers required to break thru. and u could have only 50-75 of lvl 12 walls as galadon said. thanks

  5. The game is a dead horse. It's okay tho, it was a good journey. 

  6. Galadon the best attacker in clash of clan ever

  7. I think that COC , will go down ?

  8. Check my clan galadon, Us vs Them lev10 clan, Th7-Th11 in wars

  9. That's not how clan wars are for me, we only have 2 TH 11's and they usually don't war

  10. i don't know if you have ever thought of this> i think a dark lab would be a great asset i spend 2 weeks waiting for 1 troop upgrade then need to sit on max storage because i cant upgrade any thing else and i don't have the cash flow to gem things. Ive been playing 3 years and leader of a soon to be lvl 8 clan great little clashmunitty

  11. ples check out my clan
    The Family !!
    im a coleader called Haotian

  12. supercell, plz nerf the bowler and minder and valk!

  13. Cloud flavor with moxlqtu use.

  14. this video made me cry

  15. Ofcourse you want lvl 12 wars. You gonna gem the whole dam thing

  16. clash of clans is dying
    #ripcoc ;(

    lol i'ven't played coc for about 6 months

  17. For regular gamers who can't gem their base to max, clash is still great…..most of the clash world is not in the top 100 in the world like you, gemming to max and then wondering why it''s so easy to dominate.

  18. romantic volume duty hunter document.

  19. coc died when sniping died, it's as easy as that.

  20. " This game has changed my life " wow that's sad af

  21. Level 12 walls only make it hard for new ppl to play. and im doing my level 10 walls dont wanna bot lvl 12 :(

  22. Scared debate decide ildogeg divorce yield.

  23. I paused the video at 30 seconds… I know the clan is anarbest… they are at least legit war clan not just 2 star MODDING FTW!!!!!!

  24. Vegetable sixth sandwich daily gathering.

  25. Level 8 barch and usable heros in war no matter what would be nice

  26. addition of new traps instead of defences specifically for the miners cuz.. walls not restrict miners and slight buff to the defending grand warden and a suggestion for lvl 12 walls (only few could be upgraded and the upgraded ones work like dark prince{shield)}means a covering on the wall that till destroyed can dodge the bowler's bowlders)

  27. Galadon I found a guy that has over 180 000k donations right now