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Clash Of Clans | CLASH TERMINOLOGY GLOSSARY – How many did you know??

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  1. Haha I call sweepers blow dryers too

  2. gg is gold grab in coc. gg is good game in age of empires.

  3. I knew all of these….for now on my clans New recruits will be guided to this Link/Vid for the new info.(To Them) also you for 1-2(Drag+Balloon)


  5. GG lol gud game 😉 nice video.

  6. I like basics?

  7. man this is great,

  8. Very useful video Ash. I was just looking for something like this last week to show new clan mate. thanks thank!

  9. I'm glad I know over 90% of these!

  10. hey never heard GG for gold grab but hear it loads for good game like jake (OH) always uses GG good game

  11. We use gg as good game, like we used to do at the end of every baseball game

  12. also forgot "stinkbomb"=poison

  13. gg is not gold grab bro

  14. new sub love the vids

  15. Nice one Ash!

  16. I wish i had this video when I started

  17. what about heros down, uf, and th?

  18. How about 122?, 1 pekka, 2 wiz, 2 arch/barbs

  19. ash can you do a vid talking about barch and the fundamentals

  20. No love for the GoVaPe? GoVaHo? GoVaLo? Not even the legendary….VaGiWiPe for farming??