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Clash of Clans – CLUTCH Grand Warden – Attack Strategy at Town Hall 11

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  1. almost a million subs congrats!

  2. Eagle artillery should do 2x damage to dark elixir troops including the king and queen

  3. Who else thinks that pretty much all close to max players would be able to make it to the top lists without gemming, playing 24/7 etc. That would be great. It's just wrong, top pushing doesnt even involve that much skill, see on ground attacks everybody seem to be lazy to open the first walls with Wallbreakers and dragon attacks dont require much, and pretty much every single decent raid ends up being a win. You can prove me wrong. I just said my opinion

  4. Galadon do you even read your comments?!?

  5. #galafail3

  6. That guy needs a freaking medal for making a bunch of dumb videos on a single app for 9+ years old kids. Good job!! I don't know how you do it with such low content.

  7. there is the king glitch when i attack the definding king will follow my troops all around the villageand and its a pain in the ass when you attack with hogs at war

  8. its like I believe you when u say we are all Legends ya man.. u r truly, the best


  10. galadon how to join n your feeder clan??

  11. Personal breaks and this new shielding system are useless if a player is being forced to keep raiding and raiding due to the minuscule loot the is available out there nowadays!!

  12. #69010982347Galafails

  13. Good work galadon !! Rushing for 1million subs…

  14. Answer:
    Grand Warden, Eagle Artillery, Witch level 3, TH11

    What are four things a TH9 like me cannot relate to in Clash of Clans?

    Note that I've gotten a lot of helpful information from this channel in the past, but since the TH11 update, it's been very TH11 focused and not helpful to where I am in the game.

  15. All we need is to have all the youtubers to fly to SC headquarters and demand to put back the old farming system. How hard could that be??

  16. Bring back the… hmm. I like it this way. Level 13 collectors!

  17. I'm tired of seeing th10/11 stuff all the time. Change it up a little galadon and play some th8/9 stuff as well.

  18. Please I'm not a legend I'm a Ru$hed th7

  19. hehe internal fist iron tomb?

  20. Although I like the game, I do not play it know. There is almost no loot, and I am being raped by other players for my loot. Fuck SC