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Clash Of Clans | “CLUTCH WAR DROPKICK!!” | Epic TH11 Raiding In Clan War!

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  1. Tip for 3 starring th11's – Queen Walk plus Lavaloon, if you would like proof my clan is "Kamikaze Champs" lvl 7 and replay is still available´╗┐

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  4. Godson! Big fan of your vids but I have an idea. Would you consider doing cut coms? I've noticed you have a lot of awkward pauses and just make noises to fill up the silence. Maybe if you cut out the parts were it's silent your videos would be more smooth and might make your videos a little better (which is hard to do) maybe give it one try?´╗┐

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  7. Can anyone answer how Godson COC plays that theme song at 5:05?? Mine is different…´╗┐

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