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  1. beaker u need to update the game there is an update that is not compulsory and it places snow on everything´╗┐

  2. Supercell call that a X-mas tree? I wonder what kind of Gift are in the presents´╗┐

  3. Selling my clash of clans account lvl 8 town all all gold/ diamond walls comment your kik or Instagram if interested´╗┐

  4. Beak u rock´╗┐

  5. I guess you could say you're

    Hogging the Dark Elixir.´╗┐

  6. I use an army something like that but I use 20 hogs´╗┐

  7. beak update your clash and you will see so on your buildings´╗┐

  8. can anyone subscribe to my youtube channel ? I'll return the favor´╗┐

  9. whats in the tree if u remove it?´╗┐

  10. yeaaaaa Go buddies!´╗┐

  11. The new tree looks like it should be in the Halloween update´╗┐

  12. Beaker I'm a big fan of your videos… you and general Tony are in my opinion the best coc you tubers out ther´╗┐

  13. Love your dark elixir time! Keep it up Beak!´╗┐

  14. I got a tree on the edge of my th 3´╗┐

  15. Beak im a rushed th9 (walls only) can u build farming base for rushed th9?´╗┐

  16. How many dark elixir can an attacker get if u have 90k in yr storage?´╗┐

  17. ya that was for th9 max I'm waiting u man ?´╗┐

  18. hi beaker i want u to give us a strategies to find loot look like how many trophies and the army because i don't find any loot ?…. thnx
    please don't forget me.´╗┐

  19. Hey! Do you have a good 8.5 base (post update) that protects dark elixer?? If so, what's it called so I can find it. If not, pleeeasse make one! Love your channel.´╗┐

  20. and all I heard was positive feed back on global it's just u complainers on YouTube the cry about any change on clash I swear all I hear every update is someone complaining saying they gonna quit because they change something philly dun quit complain because I'm gonna right to supercell saying I hope they don't change this update back to the everytime u attack u lose ur shield that was bull shit´╗┐