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  1. There was no pekka?no,no pekka. Jk there was.

  2. What's up Beak! How do you queue up your troops?

  3. lucky for Beak .. that pekka die because a bunch of wizard and the queen is attacking at 3:03

  4. how many accounts do u have?!

  5. Ty for all this :D

  6. .

  7. Hi

  8. i have 5 christmas trees

  9. nice

  10. Email me is interested pls ty and keep making those awesome videos

  11. I have a new th9 it has max cannons and mortars also a th8 with max troops and hero just need a little more def and a th7 with lvl 2 drags Idk if your interested but if u want I'll be willing to trade you my th9,8,and 7 for ur th9 Dreday

  12. Hey beaker I like ur th9 dre day

  13. Im having an awful time finding loot now, even with 1 gem boost going on.

  14. Its a bit late but i got a raid with 4k de, 850k gold and 750k de first search on christmas. Better than my presents hahaha. So far ive had 5 1 million loot raids farming is NOT dead.

  15. Duff seems like he is on drugs

  16. 3:05. Beak said "shit" but you guys might hear 'she' maybe he said "she" instead if "shit" idk

  17. Great raids beak!!!! I saw a pekka lol

  18. Can I send u photos some how?

  19. Hey beaker look up farming war in clans and there is a clan with 9 people and there all the same level and bace it crazy and I found it out I was looking for a farming war clan and I found that go have a look :)

  20. can I join your clan the ruthless50

  21. nice vid man

  22. nice vid man

  23. Massive loot in m3-m2

  24. havnt found 1mill raids but I found most 200k each raid some 300k each and couple 400k each in all every raid there was about 2k dark so it was decent in gold 3

  25. Why dont you farm dre days heroes to 30?

  26. Do a guide for that attack strategy giants hogs archers Barbarians gobs

  27. Nno never

  28. I think deadbases vanished because of the big update. Everyone was like: WOOHOO. So the inactive players came online and collected their money. But inactive players will go inactive again=deadbases again!! Agree?

  29. Do Queen she get new level of ability on level 20 😉 and super video ;)?

  30. hi beak , please i need base like this for TH10 pleeeeease

  31. the P.E.K.K.A died. I sel it

  32. * My Luck *

  33. None!
    I luck is the worst!

  34. How many accounts do u have

  35. why is ruthless 50 closed

  36. Beak I can only find like only 1,000,000 of each but rarely I find over 2,000,000

  37. Yo beak sick video bro. Our clan is lucky as hell and we got matched with us tryouts! Our clan is called the red chain. My IGN is GOBROFRO. If you could feature our clan in a video that would be epic! We are an elite war Clan so this will be a good one. good luck to UE tryouts.

  38. my user is Youlikesoccer