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Clash Of Clans | CRAZY NEW TROOP!!!! | NEW update sneak peek

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  1. wish they added the bowler at th9 then increase at th10, Iv nothing to look forward to AGAIN. but it's cool update, should bring a few clashers back

  2. It looks like the dude from the hobbit ?

  3. poison…

  4. Why do they never think on th9/8s it's always th10,11

  5. can you explain this please:

  6. Daddy can you ask them about a wolf pet or a lion bet it doesn't have to do much but it will be a great asset to the game to have a pet but nah I hate it already it doesn't fit

  7. Is aid the same thing I thought we was getting a lion or a wolf

  8. spear goblins in clash would be sick!

  9. first!!!!!

  10. And 0 trophies

  11. Air defense has a new level if you see and a new look when he attacked the th7

  12. U are iin lev 12 and maxed base

  13. Yay awesome!! Can't wait to see how people will use it :)

  14. Ebola?

  15. lel i think th11 gets more levels to heros… Why the hell heros are lvl 1 and other troops are maxed

  16. Perfecto.. We got the blue man group in clash! Yay!

  17. hate VAL clothing looks like giant's

  18. What the fuck if that air defense

  19. Budda with a big rock!

  20. Third

  21. It doesn't look like a real clash troop if you know what I mean