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Clash of Clans – David Vs. Goliath! TH8 vs. TH9 Strategy

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  1. what i do is 2 rage and 3 eq, then bring a eq in the cc. There's no poison, but it works.

  2. I'm a max th9 with lava walls lvl 30 heroes I'll pay to see a th8 2 star me

  3. just like dragons r good at th9 against a th10 or 11, they're also good at th8 against a th9 for 2

  4. i use pentapekka in war for 2 star on th9 as th8 mostly because i have no use for elixer. 4 pekka + cc pekka, 0-4 wallbreakers depending on layout. rest wizards. 2 heals and 3 eq+ cc eq. eq drop on inner walls, wb for outer walls. you want to get 2 pekkas walking around base on either side with couple wiz. 3 pekkas and bk going into the base along with wizards. if lower end th9 use bk and some wiz on opposite side of main attack to get the 3 star. this can also 3 star th8 with lvl7 and lower walls by spamming troops on one side. also use this to farm de and gold in crystal since troops are ready when im on break without cc pekka

  5. galdon can I join

  6. peter17$ gosh ???

  7. conspiracy solved Galdon is +Peter17$ brother

  8. always gowipe

  9. Yes. I always take out th9 even though I'm only 8. Very easy two star strategy. What I do is a modified go wipe, similar to yours, but this way is more effective. I bring two rage, 3 quake, and a quake in the clan castle. I also bring 2 pekka, 2 golem, 20 wizards, and 10 archers. Then I take 6 wizards in clan castle. You quake as FEW walls as possible so golems and pekkas don't branch off. You want the most direct path as possible. Then, as they funnel, place a rage. Then shortly after another rage. Make sure you do golems first, then wizards, and then pekka/King so they don't get distracted. Then lastly, place the clan castle wizards. Mop up extra percentage with archers. The clan castle dragon or balloons are easy to deal with if done correctly. Good luck!

  10. I used goho and 3 stard a th9 ??

  11. hey can you come say hi to my clan

  12. Back in my th9 days. I destroyed 2 multi inferno guy for 3 stars. That was awesome.

  13. lol my name is david

  14. That was awesome bro!!!! How is your baby base doing? I started a second act. At update and am probably a week or two from going to th 8.. With it, was just curious how your little base you started is going..

  15. With the addition of freeze at Th 9, it's much easier to use Go Wipe to two star Th 10s

  16. I three stared a th9 with hogs at th8. The base was really bad having both xbows beside each other with the queen and king, so I used my kill squad to take that out.

  17. Does anybody have a strong lvl7+ war clan i can join.
    I am a th8 trying to practice with war

  18. 60%??? LOL I GET 80-90 every time on th9's

  19. Anyone want to sub for a sub? I've just started a clash of clans YouTube channel and new ideas would be great, good luck with all your channels as well, if not, feel free to comment whatever in the comment box, have a great day :D

  20. Did you get the point?

  21. 2:18 galadon why you so dense? :p

  22. 1 million subscriber special galadon?