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Clash of Clans Dec 2015 Update & Future of Clash

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  1. Heather, I picture u kinda look like Jodie Foster. Lol. But anyways, the upgrade is awesome, when I attack, just portion of the shield is being deducted and whenever I go offline I get a shield when dem 'trying hard' attackers attack and I get 30%. And after my guard expires after the shield I always get them back. Th9 lvl 15 queen and king, and almost maxed out walls. Th8 defenses except for my just built x-bows the other day.

  2. can you do a guide on TH8 valkrie?

  3. Being in masters comment is a little bs.. I'm making a hell of a lot more loot there than in gold/silver/crystal

  4. you dont really know nothing about titan league, do you? There are tons of loot in every attack you do

  5. Actually there are 15 developers

  6. hey! we warred with one of your family clans "Violet Vipers" Amazing war..btw we are Peter17$Awesome..
    7 hours left rn..but had gr8 time warring u guys

  7. clash tutor can i join your clan im not rushed i bearly turnd th8 and im good at attacking plzz

  8. tried playing clash after bring off for over 6 hours, but it said my village has been without a shield so I get a forced personal break.
    4 mins later I get raided and lose 300k+ gold, 100k+ elixer and 2k+ de.

    this is the worst update ever.

    I partially agree with heather, some changes are needed at supercell, those guys need to go F themselves.

  9. I disagree with you when you say the vast majority of players wouldn't be interested in arranged wars. You said yourself, there's nothing more fun than an arranged war. I think it could be implemented much the same way joining a clan works. You request to do a war with a certain clan and they either accept or decline.

  10. Hey heather, just wanted to ask you something really quick. I just upgraded my max th8 to th9 and I have both my xboxs lab and spell factory upgraded and all new things built but I can't seem to get enough dark elixir to get my queen. My camps aren't upgraded and I need a new strategy for dark elixir farming. Hope you reply, thanks

  11. Dissapointed in you Heather. Can't believe you have not condemned supercell removing farming from the game. And cambro even promoting it? Wtf? Unsub. Rather watch FSU_ATL. At least he expresses the opinions of the people. The game is shit now. And we care. Peace

  12. hi Heather,please help ?, I'm a th9 but have been struggling in clan war attacks lately, I'm an air attacker so I use 12 balloons 8 dragons hound in cc, I've been crashing out lately, PLEASE HELP

  13. I don't know what it is but just in the last 3 days, loot has been incredible. i've been able to get all 5 of my builders going and have got research going at the same time. I'm at TH8 in gold II

  14. I think one thing that would help the new system a lot would be the ability to switch the CC from "guard" to "rest" like you can with your heroes. It would save your CC troops for war attacks and take a lot of uncertainty out of unshielded time

  15. Hey clash tutor can you do a 100k sub face reveal? Not like a facecam but just like a picture, just wondering I think it would be fun, o think gala don and coc with can have done it

  16. im new th9 max th8 i have xbow its there any problem for maxing th9 ? because im new at th9 in war i face max th 9 why? can you tell me and thx for the vid

  17. They should do arranged wars for the war community..the vast majority of people that play aren't maxed th10's either, but they decided to make a whole update basically just for them. Give the war community something it wants and no, we didn't want u to screw up the balance at th9 like u did with the extra dark spell..but what's done is done and I don't see them reversing that. Also their idea of a loot fix is to have everyone boost their collectors, mines and drills daily. This adds up and who wants to waste all their gems on resources? Not this guy and I'm not gonna buy gems for it either.


  19. hey,the best place to farm using barch for TH8S is gold league 3 from my experience after the update! Most of the time i end up finding bases with one million worth resources in their collecters! well previously it was bronze for me where i could farm 2 millions + in an hour using barch! ANYWAY HAPPY CLASHING!

  20. As a th9, I don't think getting DE is as broken as people make it out to be.  For every 2k you lose, you get a 12 -14 hour shield.  With the new shield and village guard, you can hit 3-5 bases using 3/4 hr chunks and get 2-3k DE per hit to make up for it before you are in the open again.  The village guard gives another 2 hr window to attack without being attacked.  Being able to shop for a base without breaking shield is a great benefit most people ignore.

    Even with 2 hits at 2k DE per day, a couple of lvl 6 drills will give you 9.6k DE a day (boosted for a couple of gems) which more than makes up for the 4k de you lose.  Now, if you are a rushed th9 with no hit power and lvl 1 DE drills, yeah, it could be more difficult.  While most people went lower on the leagues, I pushed to Champs (not exactly difficult as a th9) and the league bonus there is great on top of the base loot.  I constantly make 2k+ DE profit from each attack and I've never done so many lvl 9 walls as I have since the update.  I moved 2 of my th9 accounts to champs and now I'll start my th8.5.  An EQ GoWiPe for me has been a 90% 2 star with an 8% 3 star and 2% 1 star attack at that level against other th9s and it only takes an hour to cook without boosting barracks and this is often without a hero.