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Clash Of Clans – Dec 2015 Update Sucks! More Proof

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  1. Very good vid, can only agree with u. FU Supercell!

  2. After the winter 1gem boost per day, a fuckin event. Im sure half of the players will play coc for war. I really like coc but fuck december update. Everything is great except to shield.

  3. ye! the update really sucks! im only th8 i can loot 500k/day but they can steal 700k/day damn and still dont got shield. supercell release that they listen to us then they dont eant to change the MFking shield thingy

  4. Add not adhd lmfao..

  5. Nice video and i get your point but i have a maxed th9 besides all lvl 10 Walls, My attack log After the update. 374K gold 318 K elexir. 536k gold 451K elexir 2566 DE 491 K gold 350 K elexir 192 Dark elexir. You must have the worst luck dude I Only have to search for 5-10 searches to find a Sick base But i Do use Baloonion. Dont know Why the Loot is great for me and other ppl but sux for alot alot alot of clashers. IF you Want proof just adhd me on Kik.;)

  6. I already uninstall it and redeem some of my money back……end up with minus gems in the acc 🙂 but who cares after the update

  7. This video needs more publicity. Thank you for demonstrating the plight of new TH10s.

  8. uninstall it….edit your rating in play store or app store if ya using appy. i mean i did

  9. it would better if they let us raid lower th's and get dead bases back.

  10. update sucks ive had to drop from champions league to silver just to make some sort of small gain….

  11. Im sick of using an all out war attack just for looting. Cant hardly get ahead on elix. They need to fix this update because people are losing interest, the game really sucks now. Good video.

  12. Wow, I totally agree. I am in a similar situation as I went from a max TH 8 to a brand new TH 9 just before the update. I don't know how I am ever going to be able to farm all of these upgrades up. The loot to difficulty level is seriously unbalanced. The worst part is that I am getting totally creamed on almost every defense, so I can't catch a break. The only thing that is saving me is the league bonus in masters II, and I am having a heck of a time keeping up the trophy count. Good luck!