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Clash of Clans Defense – The APEX OF DOOM DOMINATES!

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  1. now i will see this base everywhere ????

  2. want to see use of eq spell around artillery.

  3. dukes of hazard in clan Death Dealers

  4. hey galadon I got another def for this base. first time def. #ry2yvgvl

  5. do you have something like this for th 9?

  6. I realy wanna be a respected coc player so please heck my channel out

  7. Tyty…didn't comment earlier…was too excited to make my base..near max th10…worked great…got a def in champ2 1st attack vs a th11…tyty…great video…plz keep the clash video coming…ty for YOUR time…would love to start royale but I won't do another supercell game till things on coc get cleared up…

  8. Good job. ?

    you want an almost invincible Base ????
    then come on my channel????
    It is worth it????✌

    Nice one.


  9. why no earthquake spell

  10. Wow that base is really effective

  11. I actually started using that base as a TH10 (2 weeks ago in Titan), it was working pretty good back then, but eventually every player figured out how to attack it.

  12. Well now i hope people and especially you galadon stop saying that level 3 witches are op and need a nerf just change your base design people and stop using the stupid open base design.

  13. Galadon, if you reply to this, I'll give you a ps5

  14. I tried this base at maxed TH8 with a few changes to fit it, and gained 122 trophies in 12 hours. I love it, so funny to watch!!!

  15. can this be applied in th10? anyone?

  16. Apex of doom ftw

  17. i know how to beat this base use 7 earthquakes and 2 other regular spell of your choice(pref:1 rage+1 freeze) and ask for one more Earthquake spell as reinforcement spell!!!!!!!

  18. Lol I see the responses ha ha ha ha I'm not building that, I'm farming in masters and I'm the only town hall11 in my clan, so at war, my semi open design still works like a champ.. That base is dumb.. Lol!

  19. Are those bases susceptible to air? Attacks?

  20. Very nice this base!

  21. Please tell us where the traps are! I've found many of them by watching the replays, but i don't know where they all go. I want to try using this in war. Thanks!

  22. ?شكرااا


  24. Almost a million subs!!!!!

  25. hi clan braveheart is vs your clan full attaque !!!!: just to say good luck i am the 11 and EVERY ATTAQUE IS A FULL ATTAQUE….

  26. any Th11 attacker here I need suggestions for war

  27. Th 8.5-9! Make a whole clan of th 8.5-9's and videos to follow! Hahaha wishful thinking I'm sure but I'd love it!

  28. Where's Peter17$ gone? I haven't been watching for a while because I just got back my wifi </3

  29. Galadon, if you could post a TH10 version of this base it would be really helpful!

    Thanks :)

  30. Galadon can you please make a th9 version of this base.

  31. Where could I find the same base layout for th10?