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Clash of Clans: “DESTROYED!” THE (Almost) PERFECT WAR…

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  1. I Was in a Clan that Had a Perfect war it was 35 v 35!!

  2. I got a 10 player perfect war

  3. had a perfect war. Kinda long time ago. 15 on 15. D@RK EMPIRE level 6 almost 7 clan. check us out beak. Most of us are th8.

  4. 25v25, and we got all 75 stars. A perfect war. :] I've been saying for a while that there should be an extra bonus for getting a perfect war.

  5. Hey Beaker can I join your clan I'm a th8 not max but I'm good in war plz can I join?

  6. I got a 45 perfect war

  7. my clan won a 50 v 50 perfect war

  8. We had a 10 vs 10 yesterday 3 th9s,6 th8s, 1 th7 30 stars no chance lol

  9. My clan "The Hive 2.0", had a perfect war with 35 people.

  10. Last war I had needed one more star was at 29 one of our lower messed up and deployed a bunch of barbs on a valk and they just had a few giants some archers and maxed archers in cc

  11. [Hi Guys .
    TRY THIS NOW: I-GOT-FROM-THEM-944 444-freéE-géms Clash of Clans: "DESTROYED!" THE (Almost) PERFECT WAR…

  12. 3 perfect 10v10 wars, i know not that special

  13. Yea, we got a perfect war with 34 TH9Maxout and 35 bases at all :D

  14. Yes and 50 people

  15. We got a perfect war in 15v15 and we had 10 attacks left when we got perfect

  16. 1 30, 1 25

  17. Hey bro. Wingsrule has had 5 perfect wars and 45 vs 45 is most we have had competing! Clan is 44-4-1

  18. One time I lost clan war when the other team got a perfect war ?

  19. our war ended with 29/30 stars for us

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