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Clash of Clans – Do Valks Suck now? Balance changes

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  1. noire is black
    rouge is red

  2. how long have you playing clash? Q&A

  3. heard they got buffed

  4. question for the qna :

    what first got u into coc

  5. Q & A have you ever had a dollar fail before?

  6. For the QnA what is the highest trophies you have ever got up to and keep up the work ?

  7. ??

  8. I hate the new air defense look, its hard to know what lvl they are

  9. Do you think modding can ever be stopped?

  10. its "Noir" and it means black in french 🙂 im not french but i am studying it :D

  11. 2:56 "This queen getting slapped in the face by these balls"
    That didn't come out right Spencer.. lol.

  12. I do not understand why supercell made the valkyries so strong and now nerf them again. I've just upgraded them before ..

  13. I just want to know if you see this lol and my question is how long have u been playing clash? and r u married? do u have kids?

  14. 1st comment!

  15. Barcherama $ is in a war at the moment, and is a level 3 clan. But the opposing clan is level 8! I thought SC tried to fix this!

  16. Noire is the feminine version of noir, and means "black" in French. "La Tulipe Noire" translates to "The Black Tulip".

  17. I am a retired Coc player… Nah the game was getting old not me

  18. SEND EVERYONE to watch this video 😉 I love you peter

  19. Love the thumbnail!

  20. what they did was reduce the hp and DPS for valks at lvl4 and lvl3 and made the max valk DPS slightly higher, i remember lvl4 valks had 1100hp but now the lvl5 has 1100hp

  21. Spencer23$ – Clash Of Clans Do you think you can get to arena 5 in Clash Royale? My 2nd account is sitting there and chances of knocking you back down to arena 4 is very high

  22. so trophy pushers screwed valks over for everyone else?

    OK ?

  23. Noir is black

  24. new valks r awesome…use em in wars now…beast troop

  25. the new air defense look like shit

  26. Good vid spencer??

  27. 10th like :P

  28. Santos your kind of like me I haven't played for 4weeks but I still love your vids spencer

  29. Valk is still good in royale, right?

  30. 360p ??

  31. Spencer nice intro

  32. im watching this when it was uploaded 45 seconds ago lol

  33. i haven't even played clash in 5 weeks

  34. 2

  35. first

  36. 1st