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Clash of Clans | DONT SHIT TALK | Enemy Clan is a Bad Sport

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  1. good job cam

  2. I fucking love that song

  3. well, you know it, cam. people make excuses when they cant do something right

  4. CQOTD: Do a damn Daniel remake. Wait that's not a question… Could you remake Damn Daniel with Christian?

  5. ??

  6. #CQOTD You've nearly hit 1,000,000 subs what are you going to do for your one million subs special and did you ever think you would get this far?

  7. CQOTD: are you your "brothers"? you all sound the same…..

  8. I just got clash royale today because it went global and I already rage quit it

  9. That guy diary even go on your channel clearly he said you had over a million peeps. Your so close but no cigar

  10. I love that song :)

  11. The slap made me choke in laughter

  12. Jebem ti Srbiju samo ih razvali Cam!

  13. yayyy man that was a really really good attack, you're a legend, who two starred the second base?

  14. Deez nutz

  15. omg what a great video that was just sooo perfect that song is part of your channel now!!????

  16. Chat shit get banged

  17. Almost at 1 mil

  18. 10:49

  19. Guys made a brand new War clan join if you are a strong Th7 and above name is -Shadow's-

  20. You know your losing if you hate on another man hair

  21. well every time you lost a clan war you would say the other clans was cheating or using mods. why can't you just accept the loss

  22. What is that song though? its funny

  23. CQOTD:If you will play Clash Royal will you join subscribers clans?

  24. hi

  25. Are U John Cena?

  26. Hit Like,if you love Muslims..

  27. Damn CAM! back at it again with the 3 star!

  28. 11:58 hahahahahsvwhahahznsahhahhaa

  29. Can I join ur clan I am th 8 gold leage 2

  30. you're not even going to show the attack they said you cheated on?


  32. day of u*