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Clash of Clans – DragLoon Attack Strategy | TH9 to Titan League Trophy Push

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  1. Great video ash always Ash. See what I did there? 😛 Btw congrats on being featured on Clash of clans Facebook page.

  2. Great strategy ash I'm using it for my th10 acct

  3. Ah should I max my th9 walls or just go to th10?

  4. Best clash of clans tutorialist??

  5. Yo ash can you play for me lol you are a good attacker
    i need some tips on raiding plz make a video

  6. =)

  7. I call it the DragonBall attack instead of DragLoon, sounds cooler to me and is pretty much the same strat XD

  8. Nice video. Will you make Clash Royale videos also since it just got released worldwide?

  9. thanks coc guru!

  10. How do I join in cR

  11. please ash…lavaloonion master league farming video!! this channel is better than the other! its growing faster!!

  12. ash, can you make a tutorial how to 3star th10 vs th10 ? or maybe to use a dragloon on th10 ?

  13. Ash may you have some advice? i want to start pushing again with th9 but i am in gold and dont know how to start because i cant go with drag because i have no elixier how can i get fast and cheep to masters or even champ untill start using dragons after masters 2-1 elixier is no problem anymore

  14. im hating you ash
    but still loving ur videos

  15. Dude I love your accent.
    BTW, Should I upgrade queen or king first? :)

  16. awesome ash good strategy. not sure i might push one of these days at my town hall 9.

  17. hi

  18. HEY!