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Clash Of Clans | Dragon 3* war raids | Thanks to Mystic 7

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  1. Nice video Daddy

  2. Mystic 7 is a meta tagger he doesn't deserve any of it

  3. Happiness is seeing you post a new clash vid :D

  4. Nice attacks! On the first one you could've gotten 2 of the air defenses down by dropping 3 zaps in between them along with a quake or two and you could've had an extra rage for your drags. Anyways, keep on making clash videos when you feel like it, the community you have built up is small, but very loyal. Stay strong mate, you were probably one of the first clash youtubers I subscribed to back in the day and I haven't once considered unsubscribing

  5. hey daddy, please could I join midnight rising? I'm a max town hall 9 with 50% max walls and heroes :-D

  6. Still loving your videos. Keep them up :)

  7. what's your main job? :)

  8. Daddy, thank you for the videos you make for us. I have always enjoyed your content for as long as I've been subscribed on my other channels (I swap channels to get free YouTube red for a month lol). I save your videos while I'm at school and when I get home I love to watch them. I like clash of clans YouTubers but you and Beakers lab have a… Calmer, chill way of playing that's nice to end the day with. Your videos are also VERY informative and "hands on" (lol bad pun) and really help me become a better farmer and not rush my bases like before. All in all, Thank you for the videos you make, Daddy, I appreciate that even now you still make videos. :)

  9. I don't mind abit of a wait for coc vids ? makes them all the more of a treat, and I appreciate the fact you don't clog up my inbox with that unwanted bloody royale spam haha

  10. dude your dead. this video was of no value to coc players. i hope you find a place in the yt world. coz you have made alot of excellent conent in the past. push on bruffa!

  11. i wish u had the views like the old days …u deserve a lot …Good luck <3 daddy

  12. is there a way for a th10 to three star another 10 with dragons?

  13. daddy,will u restart doing Coc vedios,if supercell comes up with another awesome update?

  14. Hi Daddy!

  15. Second!

  16. Was that Nate screaming in the background by any chance? xD

  17. ,1

  18. Evening Daddy! Nice to see a video from you ;)! Also, Just upgraded my queen to 40! 5 days left – Can't wait! :DD