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Clash Of Clans: DRASTIC TH8 Troll Base – Fortress Temple + Loot Replays 2016

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  1. No one cares about coc anymore

  2. wow

  3. Such a wise design

  4. Table Of Contents:
    0:00 Introduction
    0:08 Speed Build
    2:38 The Base
    2:46 Replays
    15:30 Conclusion

    About this Base:
    Air Sweeper: Blowing North-East
    Skeleton Traps: Both set to Ground Mode
    Trophy Range Recommendation: 1800 or Lower

    Features of this Base:
    -Troops and Traps target the core spawn
    -Outside attacker traps like spring traps
    -CC and BK defend core causing confusion to troops
    -Skeleton Traps provide distraction for Mortars and Wizard Towers
    -Strong against tier one troops
    -Efficient at protecting outer buildings
    -Wall at the North funneling troops outside
    -Mortars being individual (attacking it's own quadrant)
    -Storages are somewhat protected

  5. nice base well done


  7. do a th9 one xbow farming base

  8. first