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Clash of Clans Draw My Life! 800,000 Subscriber Special! Life of MYSTLC7

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  1. I get 1.5k dollars per week and I am 11

  2. if u had to take out one defence which one would it be

  3. wite was upppppppppp???✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌??????

  4. white how much money do you make rn

  5. I have a cousin named Jacksin

  6. Why wouldn't u go to college… Good luck when YouTube isn't working out for you anymore and you want a job ?

  7. I liked the video before I watched the video

  8. lol 800k subscriber special yesterday and now you're at 817k lol

  9. It's Like Family Friday's In Cams Vids Lol

  10. Good job 800 000


  12. Call it mystic mistery monday like if u agree

  13. but you didnt tell us what HWD ment insert sad face emoji

  14. Try playing minecraft pocket edition reaserch on the server be realm it's a server that u can build your own base and raid others ppls bases its very fun

  15. Ayeeee wite

  16. lol the fish looked like dicks

  17. Hi Dylan

  18. oops CQOTD: what would your life be like if you parents didn't get a divorce?

  19. Hey man I'm a little bit new to channel and the game I'm a town hall 7 and I need help to make my base to be the beast so go on the game at Bulldog

  20. your awesome keep putting up videos

  21. Live stream

  22. CQOTD:plz play COD BO3

  23. OMG i had totally forgot about Temple run, i loved that game when i played it on PS2!

  24. I love you mystic

  25. Hi dawn aaron and stuff

  26. mine too

  27. Bloons tower defense battles and Black Ops 3


  29. Mystlc you need to visit Alaska! I'll take you salmon fishing or moose hunting!

  30. damn @mystlc7 I love you're vids and you're friends look cool and I like base ball to I saw that in you're instagram?and plz at least answer hi love you're fucking vids! ❤

  31. you did it. your number 1

  32. wite plz give me a shout out! i r ur fucking biggest fan!!. ????

  33. Hi

  34. MysTic7 ur the best

  35. u draw much better that me!

  36. aye play castle clash mystic

  37. clash royale plz

  38. good for you bro keep the great work ;-);-);-);-)

  39. I ❤️U too, you are amazing and I hope you fulfill your dreams.

  40. Can you do Videos on league of legends? :)