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Clash of Clans – EASY 400K Per Raid! – “Mega-Bam” – The Ultimate CoC Farming Strategy for NEW Update

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  1. why BAM when you can have mega BAM

  2. U said u would take from right side but u went from left

  3. Whats the song playing while you're searching for a base?

  4. hope u get well soon :)

  5. good strategy

  6. Farming has not changed!!!!!!!!

  7. thank you thank you

  8. Happy new year! 😀
    And get well soon! :)

  9. +Eclihpse Okay. Great, thank you

  10. I requested to be in exclusiveempire, my name is Chazza….I was denied :(

  11. Barch still works in crystal

  12. bro can you make a vid about farming startegis on th 7

  13. This is great for th11, but what d you reccomend for th9 with level 10 heroes?

  14. are a solar or lunar eclihpse, always wondered xD

  15. are a solar or lunar eclihpse, always wondered xD

  16. Since I am attacking with low level troops he says, having all max ??

  17. @Eclihpse it sounds as if this is a farming strategy towards th11 as th10 and below don't have the grand warden. Therefore, how do you recommend th10 and below farm with this strategy?

  18. He used the "about a week ago joke" RIP rep

  19. Im th9…I can use this estrategy?

  20. I use a GoWipe