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Clash of Clans – Easy Money Strategy with Super Queen

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  1. Thx for all the great content Ash; both here, & on the forums. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of your bases & strategy guides ????
    I'm a big fan of super queen, & I really dig this higher efficiency version of it (4 healers vs the usual 6-8)
    Do you have any suggestions for the best way to utilize this as a TH10?
    Currently I'm using a giant heavy GiBArch around 2600 cups to farm DE for my King, while still getting enough gold /lix from the bonus to keep defenses/lab going. My AQ is maxed & my BK is on his way to 37; will be switching gears to walls/defenses soon.
    Thanks again for all your hard work; cheers ?

  2. great loot ash!!! ^^

  3. Nice video very helpful you got another sub

  4. woot is you clan nane

  5. How would your attach strategy change if you were not in need of elixir? I only ask because I am maxed TH9 (aside from a few defenses) and have no need for elixir anymore (upgraded all lab troops requiring it). Thanks!

  6. Could a barb king be used for this and archers?

  7. what do you use to make your intro?

  8. Yo Ash! Great video! I know you probably have a lot of works and video to do (TH10/11 ecc) but maybe in the future would you consider to do some episodes of farming at th9 WITHOUT super queen.. lot of us still doesn't have the queen to that level, above lv20 take too long to apply this strategy 🙁

    Wich is wonderful by the way, sigh

  9. Nice vid, Ash!
    What about "loonion" ? Will you also do a video about this strategy?

  10. Got a lvl10 queen so I can't really do this vs th9's

  11. You Don't up load Th 11 Attacks anymore ?

  12. what is the best th 9 dark farming strategy whitout heroes?(srry for bad english)

  13. Could I do this with a low level queen and max healers? Like I'm talking level 7 queen…

  14. Ash, can you give me your opinion please?

    I farmed 1,95M in 1h with boost and without AQ using GiBarch in TH9.
    12 giants
    8 wallbreakers
    Rest Barch

    Am I good or I need to change something?

  15. What do I use to farm as a TH10 player when the Queen is upgrading?

  16. does this worth it for farming DE? or the bam tactic is better?

  17. Will have TH10 and TH11 farming next!