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Clash of Clans | Ed is a LEGEND – Awesome TH11 Dragon Attacks – BOOM!

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  1. Congrats hitting Legend! Hope you will come in Top 10 again… The sounds from the mic is so annoying. Great still.

  2. So sad are you to get number 1 spot in best clans, you have to register in an other country.NOOOOOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Ed, and well deserved!  Cheers!!!!

  4. Love your demonstrations ED. Hope to see more in the future I am a 74 yrs old women and is play clash of clan game,, Is it funny?. My son gave me the i=pad said if i play it will improve my brain activities. I am not good in attacking but like the game very much. been on champion 3 times, because there are not much loot harvest, so i dropped the trophies to gold level and stay there have some fun. I hop there are more elder people like me playing the game.

  5. Well-Seserved man! :D

  6. Nice Ed. Why is quantum now a Dutch clan?

  7. ed you are legend ????

  8. Congrats to you bro! really enjoyed the video/raids 😀 keep it up man!

  9. your sound sucks!

  10. congrats mate 😀 good stuff

  11. Congrats ed ^^ keep going up you cant let galanub be higher than u ;)

  12. nice but everyone can buy legend now not hard anymore

  13. congrats man:)

  14. Congratulations! You are the man.

  15. nice ed ?? witch noobs* ( G) …..

  16. Congrats

  17. easy légend ?

  18. Freaking awesome… hope to see more Legend Raids from you especially with Dragoons… my favourite troops!

  19. Onnee Ed! Ja sit vaa uusiks Global #1 ?

  20. you were great youtuber and you are still one of my favorites