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Clash of Clans | Ed’s Clash Life – Live Defence and Insane Th11 Attacks Dragons & Witches – ENJOY!

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  1. Hey Ed. i like u as a youtuber nd as a source of clash of clans informations. but what i dont like it is fuckin about players attacks in wars nd calling players noobs, dum motherfuckers. u need to understand that ur dragon attack strategy is sucks, u have no idea how to use dragons attacks. i really dont understand how come ur representing InTheDark clan, coz simply those guys r one of the best players in the world nd theyre awsome. so please stop bullshit nd prove urself first by posting some combo attack strategies rather than these dragshit stuff, gowipe nd other standard attacks nd by the way everyone can be a legend by using dragons or gowipe but not everyone can be a 3 star specialist. so please ed im a fan of ITD nd im sure lots of peeps doesn't like ur barely getting 2 stars so keep bringing us the nice ITD wars but for god sake exclude all of ur accounts unless someone else attackin for you. nd sorry if it hurts but somebody has to say it.

  2. bad video

  3. Yo fucker! All of your videos are full of hatred and….beautiful,amazing attacks that show what a masterpiece a freaking mobile game can be. This is contemporary art in its own form 🙂 I guess if a lot of clashers watched your videos they would just quit clash since these attacks are insane and impossible for even an advanced clasher. Merry Christmas and have a great year ahead,dude :)

  4. lmao barbs just to be naughy.

  5. btw, mistake in desc: finnish not "finish" :)

  6. KEEPing posting more of these!!!!! lol

  7. Ed why have you changed the clan from quantums web to quantum. Did something go wrong there?

  8. Scheiss xDDDDDDDD im a german thats funny xD

  9. Hey ed,give us some deffence after the update ??

  10. Haha best reaction ever when -17 😀 Hyvää joulua Edi!

  11. Did you say "Scheiße" at 2:40? Because Its the German turn for "Shit" and I am from Germany :D. But Nice Vid again

  12. Ed send me some Joulutortu ?

  13. did you removed maggie from your description ???

  14. buen video

  15. Nice video bro! Have a really good Christmas and eat much makaroni! ??

  16. Awesome

  17. Awesome vid again?

  18. woa 8 earthquake spells ?? awesome ?

  19. Karkkipussi kuollu kokonaa ?

  20. Christmas special? Oh Ed how you spoil us. Another great video, that lucky motherfucker on the live defence. Have you noticed Galanoob has stopped pushing now witches are less OP and less spam?