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Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – GettingWar/ITD vs Scottish Midget – INSANE TH11 3 Star ATTACKS

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  1. ich dachte ich hör nicht recht… bei ed läuft deutsches liedgut ??

  2. dirty sanchez by the lava

  3. Instead of getting Harry Pottered, you should say "getting Wizzed on"

  4. ed eikös suomi videoita pitäis jo tulla

  5. thanks ed i was seeing the vídeo and my mon was happy because i was listening classic music
    2 x 1

  6. ed plz see my videos i m new youtuber and can u subscribe me plz

  7. Couldn't see anything

  8. keep up the good work!

  9. So much skillful attacks! Have you ever lost a Clan War in InTheDark? :D

  10. learned a lot from you ed! once a dump 3 jumpster now a better player! thanks now i am persecuting jumpsters hahha

  11. Hope you feel better soon bud!

  12. WarMan and FearMe are insane 3star attackers.

  13. Quantum Family is love. Quantum Family is Life.

  14. Nice!

  15. the third attack did not have an Eagle Artillery.

  16. hey ed! I am A loyal Quantum member. I have recently been removed from Quantums8.9farm by some guy that just got elder. I would love it if you can get me back into Quauntums8.9farm. thanks in advance.

  17. Get better Ed (for the lava hound attacking the king call it Fire Ball time idk was just a thought)


  19. Nice vid! Love the war recaps

  20. Can you zoom in more!

  21. Can you zoom in more!

  22. So much romantic with the rage spell ?

  23. Gay av granny opra music lol

  24. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  25. can you move or zoom in while recording and tell us what is going on more

  26. Awesome attacks as allways, keep it up man

  27. Parasta viihdettä nämä sotavideot pituuden takia kun oot mm. pilvessä niin näitä on törkeen mukava katella siinä sivussa ja kun on pituuttakin sopivasti, voisi olla enemmänkin. Big fan ;)

  28. nice video ed :)

  29. Getting war vs Holowiwi

  30. BR aqui ?

  31. One of the best coc videos on bar none keep up the awesome work Ed????

  32. Miks EdDaGemmer on quatums webissä? Mitä aiot tehdä sillä ??

  33. 1