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Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR InTheDark vs درع الجزيرة ٢ – Part 1 – Some Insane Valkyrie 3 Star Raids

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  1. why won't u just do a hog n valk raid in war since u love them so much ed

  2. hi Ed

  3. You are awesome! HOGGIES! thanks so much!

  4. Ever drink baileys from a shoe?

  5. Hi with ed

  6. BR BR BR

  7. كفووووووو

  8. اني

  9. 6:19 Haha ?

  10. good luck درع الجزيره

  11. hi Ed im a fan of your clans QW and ITD i hope i can replicate your attacks but every time i do i ended up with a complete failure …. ???

  12. Really really fucking nice ed !!!!

  13. سامج

  14. The moment you said your funny "ba-bye" i thought, "oh he forgot to tell all his haters to fuck themselves." Nice vid. Wanted to see itd war bases def

  15. nice job Ed
    good luck درع الجزيره ☺

  16. منو عربي هنا ؟!

  17. ITD ?

  18. You know your base suck ass when all 3 heroes have full health at the end.

  19. parece retardado narrando, as os vídeos são muitos bons !

  20. At 6:15 how is the watch live replay button not there? You're able to enter live replays until the end since the update

  21. I loooooove u brooooo??

  22. ?

  23. Good Video!!

  24. .

  25. How are you guys still killing it in your own clan when us ***^ cant win in or out of our clan.  Ugg you guys are awesome.

  26. I hope "درع الجزيرة 2" will come back and win , thank you ED for those great videos.

  27. Almério Barros brought me here. great video Ed

  28. good luck ✌✌✌

  29. can't wait for tomorrow's video,can't get enough hurry,hurry,guess you're going to be a 3 star pony lol. love your video keep up the good work

  30. Play hard(brazil) hehehehhe