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Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs روح الامارات111 / VN Champions – LavaLoon 3 Stars r Back

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  1. Keep up the vids there great viewing

  2. It's carrerakid. U just hit me Ed only got 1 of me though, u sure love ur drags fella

  3. Best attack and best commentary ever!!!!

  4. حرمات نعلسو


  6. Why are so few people in war?

  7. wow, Dizzy's beautiful voice in the end makes this video more special.! ? Ed wanna ask you, ITD is going retired after 300 war wins.! 🙁 so you're gonna join any other elite war clan for your YouTube channel to covering badass attacks.! & please show your attacks too I like those drag raids.! ? ❤ITD & Friends.!

  8. Beautiful lava loon 3 star bro! haha, love it when you put those noobs and haters in chin check! thanks for sharing!

  9. Hell fucking yeah…??

  10. Share me

  11. I've been following you from the beginning, and what happened to the fun, and what happened to your attitude? you are cursing all the time and every other word is fuck or fucking, and you are talking about haters all the time and what not. you will always receive hate on the internet if you are a public figure. so my question is, do you even have fun doing these videos, because to me it feels like you are not. some feedback to you, when you are doing voiceover on your video stop shouting and saying fuck all the time, tell us what happens like you care. have som fun and ignore haters or whatever because they will always be there.

  12. عاشت ايدكم روح الامارات فدوة

  13. Ed, im from Brazil and i love your videos… But a need to ask one thing for you : it's possible to get 4000 trophies with loonion? I'm th 9 with 3200 trophies. Sorry for my bad English ??

  14. pretty nice war

  15. Awesome stuff. Deff helped me out on my push and war attacks. And fck tha haters ??✌️

  16. Very Good !

  17. muy buen video ed , excelente ataques, saludos a todos en tu clan desde costa rica.

  18. intimidating intro then his voice killed it??

  19. first "