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Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs 吴盟 (Wu Meng 294 War Wins) – PART 3 – 30 Minutes of 3 Stars

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  1. Lower the trophys so I can join put it to 800

  2. Ed can I join I'm WARHOUND

  3. Great, thank you!!!

  4. we want some hogs attacks

  5. RuTheKiller attack is the most insane attack ever .

  6. Pleases Mention My Youtube Channel Chelu Ryn

  7. sou br

  8. I'm really loving this channel , but I really like the quality of the attacks and the commenting! Keep up the great work man

  9. ArtofWar vs InTheDark again?

  10. so ataque top like

  11. Giant + King + Warden = The ballad of george michael :D

  12. Thank for the upload awsome like always.
    BUT ED !
    i miss QW looning in legend, i beg you post something 😀 :D

  13. bad fucking ass raid ED…..SHIT!!!!

  14. The best wars on YouTube hands down! Keep them coming..?


  16. You get VERY GOOD MAN

  17. Ed's word-counter:

    "Badass" – 69 Times
    "Look at that" – 74 Times
    "Fuck me" – 39 Times



  18. Ed can i join your clan im lvl 60 ?

  19. thank you for uploading this Ed!!

  20. Sup Ed I thought WarMan Attack was sick but then you showed Ru nice stuff, I want to see an ITD war with just mainly batch you guys slaughter everyone I think it would be a challenge at least ?

  21. Ed im sure the reason they dont drop their earthquake spells sooner is so that the eagle doesnt wake up sooner. They let the queen walk and after the eagle is awake they dont have to worry about the eq spells waking it.

  22. "If you hear a moment of silence…its just respect!" Damn you are completely right! awesome attacks! hahaha Do all Finnish have this kind of sense of humour? damn so different from germany! hahaha

  23. Is dizzy Bae?

  24. great job. came the indication of PLAYHARD channel (PH)

  25. why are is edthenoob not in quantum's web ? :(

  26. second lol

  27. First