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Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs 福州之家 – ITD War Log& HoWi 3 Star

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  1. Thx ed for every elite war video I enjoy those so much!!Looking forward to the live attacks at the weekend!!you are simply the best

  2. I want to see ITD Lose. AOWVNCHH & The world cant beat them even when, We ambush ITD. but bad management "Whompy" sooner or later Ill just quit the game like all the other clans have done.

  3. ❤❤❤❤InTheDark

  4. Yesterday, i beat a base exactly like Dizzy attack, with dragon, easy ⭐️⭐️ good job Dizzy

  5. I wanted to see InTheDark vs Holowiwi

  6. There is a guy in InTheLight (level 10 clan) name sausage in silver 2 league…the dude has 6244 attacks this season and counting lol wow. He now holds the Clash record for most attacks done in one season. 18 more days in this March 2016 2016 season as this comment was posted.

  7. Bruno PlayHard me trouxe aqui
    BR!! BR!!

  8. hogeee ????

  9. holy sh*t that war log !!
    nice vid ,ed

  10. Omg finally the war log, love u ed, fuck haters and V.N Shitpions

  11. Great war Ed :)

  12. Great video again Ed ?? keep it up mate

  13. br huehuehue

  14. Firstt Bro Comment