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Clash Of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs BornToKill – Hoggies R Back + Insane Queen Walks

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  1. Those attacks are the reason why i watch your channel,ed!!great video,great war.Love it

  2. I am Brazilian I met your channel by channel Bruno . you play very well congratulations

  3. "hoggy" raids lol.. super sick attacks man!

  4. Ed ed ed bro i need a favour and only you are one who can help me … Just reply me i will tell u about favour thank you

  5. hahahahaha ED nub loooooool

  6. ED nub lolololol

  7. Hmmm what did u do to make them surrender like that looooool

  8. RuTheKiller is insane attacker.

  9. Queen on rage? Some PMS? Lol

  10. Ty Ed, awesome video!!.. ?

  11. BornToKill por BornToSuck?

  12. beleza nuubs hahaha like so por isso kkkk

  13. Ed do you mean feast your eyes instead of cast your eyes

  14. Nice victory!

  15. brasill aq caraiooooooo

  16. Modda have a small dick

  17. 2 stars that please the publication

  18. perfect

  19. Nice war raids. Thanks for sharing Ed

  20. Uhul clash with ed Brazill

  21. Here through PlayHard!

  22. beleza noobs

  23. Queen on rage—> my vote is either Ex-wife or something involving The letters pms.

  24. lindo mano

  25. ed pls /ho/ <=no /oh/<=yes (spanish) for hola /o/la/ now teach me how to attack xd

  26. Queen on Rage should be the "Angry Ex-Wife" :D

  27. OMG Ed, what attacks you guys always do……fuck galanoob…..that chicken shit sum bitch……hahahahaha