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Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs ChinaRush – WTF 5 Spell Lure? – 1 Hour of Th11 3 Stars

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  1. I like the war attacks of your clan as a whole, but let me be honest, I muted the video to watch the war and put some music instead xD

  2. The best attacks i have ever seen .Gold Stoff ed!!

  3. wow just awesome but risky i have tried but got only 30% :P

  4. where is the another video ed? china att vers?

  5. Nonni nyt on videolla asia mitta, hyvä video!

  6. great stuff ed

  7. 7.23 WTF? LOOL

  8. nice one Ed thanks

  9. Ty again Ed. These vids are the best of clash.

  10. Halo Lapen 😀 😀 :D

  11. Best video ever

  12. Amazing vídeo!!.. tyty Ed!!

  13. Hahah after this war they lost vs born2kill 69,70

  14. An alle deutschen

    Hat der am Anfang Hallo Lappen gesagt ?!?

  15. Wow! That's amazing man. Keep these awsome videos up 

  16. Hola mancos hahahaha hilarous

  17. thank you ed nice video and nice attacks!!

  18. 1h yeahhh thx bro yur the best

  19. Ed thx for bringing us all those amazing attacks!!!

  20. awesomeness monday morning in school break perfection! <3

  21. hallo lappen :D

  22. Call the queen fat queen

  23. awesome war attacks! love the commentating.?

  24. Hello sir, you do not mind if I could ask you to let me know how you can upload to Youtube 1 video quality is not so good? So I do try one clip screen quite well but when uploaded to youtube, although viewed online in HD quality in 1080 but not as good as when I see the filming offline root. thank you very much, sir

  25. Can you show a war with quantum?

  26. I love videos like these make them long!

  27. Wow… this will be a favorite of mine when I need some epic gameplay for war. :O

  28. Your intro sounds retared

  29. This is insane