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Clash of Clans | ELITE WAR – InTheDark vs Hell’s Angel – Hog+Witch – HoWi 3 Star OMFG!!!

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  1. hi ed i see lvl11 clan… with299 wins

  2. ITD are baddest and weirdest attackers in the entire coc..

  3. beleza noobs.

  4. Well, to your haters: I think you are awesome and so funny! I look forward to all your videos! Thanks so much! Hoggies!
    Have you seen the videos showing that you can kill a level one eagle with 5 lightening and 2 earthquake? But then you are left with no spells, so do believe there would be any place for such a strategy?

  5. best attacks i've ever seen
    so much thanks ed for uploading this those attacks made my day

  6. Nice ed thanks for uploading
    Live attacks in the next war Would be sooooo Nice

  7. this is the most awesome war i ever seen..many strategies with different combination of troops
    good job ITD

  8. insane attacks! da best clan!

  9. one of best war you have fought so far

  10. how many wars are you away from becoming lvl 10 clan?

  11. haha.
    sorry Ed for thinking bad about your war xD

  12. Awsome attacks, awsome commentary, EDDABEST !

  13. InTheDark?????♥♥?

  14. MANCO you mother puto ed

  15. the folks at inthedark never cease to amaze me……..cast ur eyes upon all that inthedark shit!!!

  16. Sou brasileiro é te assisto fera??

  17. many strategy .
    crazy attack !

  18. U heard about new update? lvl6 hogs may be coming. lots of hogggies in future i suppose :-)

  19. gvideo ed ?

  20. Too good ed, Gj m8

  21. shit getting real

  22. InTheDark the best clan the world!!! ☆☆☆

  23. hell's angels again wtf?!?!?!

  24. jdhd