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Clash of Clans – EPIC 3 STAR ATTACKS in LEGEND with New GoWiWiWa Army

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  1. yes I'm alive
    anyway cool vid mate, pitty the game is getting worse as time passes :(

  2. do work on supercell?

  3. Хотелось бы услышать тебя на русском, может забабахаешь ? ))))

  4. Hey there, yh agree farming isnt like it used to be. I hoped the loot changes would change things but i got disappointed again: The loot cart can only be collected if theres enough space for all ressources. Now i was max on gold and i couldnt collect the loot cart. It could just fill until theres no space anymore but no u just cant collect it. Then the daily bonus, "daily" is wrong since it takes 24h before you can start collecting stars again. I need a day to get my 5 stars and therefore only get the bonus every second day. The timer should limit that you can collect the bonus every 24h but can collect stars in between. No idea why they do so stupid decisions lately -.-

  5. if some videos for lower town hall (th 9 and th 10), after the update would help a lot.

  6. disturbing thumbnail ?

  7. Hi

  8. first yay

  9. and I thought you stopped

  10. ay!

  11. Swallow a pillow? Did you? Say YOLO if you watched long enough and know WTH I am talking about…

  12. First