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Clash Of Clans – EPIC 3 STAR PRO’s |Revenge battle| (Kings of clash)

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  2. Hi Godson ! I sent an email

  3. In every COC video you keep saying "Recent Update" ITS BEEN A MONTH

  4. You should do more of these videos Godson

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  6. And breaking out the Charlie Brown music at the end

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  8. I'm having so much fun with these overpowered valks lol, but yeah I'm pretty sure they're gonna nerf them in a couple weeks or months who knows.

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  10. I found your clan and base On Clash of Clans Godson

  11. hi godson friends my clan is türk name:TurkSancaği clan level:8 buyrun gelin go to clan

  12. I disagree on the nerf. You buff other troops, add levels to defenses and walls, and it will balance itself out, and give people more options at THs 10 and 11.

  13. Do more valkery attacks godson!

  14. they should add barbarian king or air defense to clash royale

  15. Godson what is FTW?

  16. i know supertexan :D

  17. The warden needs a nerf lol. if it wasn't for his ability those valks would've melted in that core

  18. Nice vid godson love your vids keep it up Fam

  19. i came here when there was 999 views lol

  20. cuando hay actualizacion de clahs of clans

  21. Nice Bruh

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  23. Keep It Up,Dude

  24. hey godson!!!nice 1…awesome video bro..plz reply!!

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  28. guys i wanna se how many subs i can gett without uploading a vid..sub me and reply 'hands up' and i will sub u in return

  29. Greate Revenge Godson

  30. hope you all are having a good day