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  1. pls play

  2. OMG!!!! I just got MAGICAL chest from arena 1. Is it good or bad. Just seems to be good thats why im hyped!

  3. Guys is cam back to clash of clans and clash royale four videos in a row


  5. #Unsub Cam so he falls bck under 1m and wont recieve his silver plaque ??. leddo this!!

  6. Lol spell check

  7. Sliver

  8. What do the Warden ability do?


  10. the fair play update doesnt work coz my clan mates uses bots and they are not getting banned.

  11. #cam when will you play dark soul

  12. Get good at Rocket League Cam, its so worth it, once you learn to fly and stuff its so fun.


  14. Who is watching this on IPhone 8 while riding a unicorn to the fairyland and playing with his CoC(clash of clans).I don't by the way…..:/

  15. slither

  16. cam ur vids are getting boring

  17. The # still remains!No one can steal that title from you!


  19. oh my gold

  20. did anyone go to click close on the notification at 8:43 or was it just me lol

  21. My jaws dropped when i saw the balancing update

  22. Cam what do you think about Donald Trump

  23. Hungry shark world!!!

  24. CQOTD: I am hard working on dark elixir but I can't get dark elixir I need help from you. my base is little rushed I need help. second question is can I join your clan and can we be friends?

  25. cam try this game mini militia . if u try tell that hitman told you to

  26. watch some brandon :D

  27. Come on cam play hungry sharks world because EVERY youtuber is playing and it is really annoying me.

  28. Slither.o plsssssssss

  29. cam I really want to join your clan

  30. sup

  31. outlast pls play it

  32. guys today my friend accidentally hit my head to our wall I cant controll my emotions so if I will die or something chris you made my life so much better love you bro

  33. name of the last song??

  34. Anyone else tap their phone when Cam was at 20%

  35. hey Chris, check out "trials fusion" it's fun like rocket league and might work great for Friday family nights. lots of fun and laughs between my kids and I when we play! would love to see you and your brothers go at it on that game. take care bud!

  36. if u get a 2star barch do u make facecam? c:

  37. i

  38. I lake you