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Clash of Clans – Epic clan war – THE CONCLUSION! Chiron V’s WHF2

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  1. I am called Jake ;-( I got 3 stared

  2. Tell Chiron to arrange something against OneHive! That would be eeepic!

  3. Loved the longer video

  4. i Only watch spencer. galadon and Godson channel. . . SEND EVERYONE FOR FULL ATTACK HAHAHA???

  5. The queen changed decisions just like a typical woman . Spencer the best wahahhaha!


  7. Care to share the outro song?

  8. LP will win!

  9. hey spence, love your vids but could you cool it a bit with the "typical woman" thing, I'm not offended, its just annoying.

  10. I like when he says "send everyone" with the funny voice…idk why…

  11. can you please shift or remove your facecam from the destruction meter area.

  12. Join my clan we need help are clan is cheatbattleduty

  13. Jake*

  14. Is that jack from OH?

  15. You are gorgeous????

  16. I wanna see more Chrion love the videos!

  17. The 1v1 Of the Hour i say :P

  18. I think they use Girls names to get more donations from the Guys. Had a 'Jennifer' in our Clan and She/He got Shit loads of Troops from our love struck players..

  19. LP3 vs Onehive? That would be fun to watch

  20. 2:20 "Kind of Violent" LOVE IT!

  21. I get confused with my govaloes and my Gova-Hoes

  22. "Typical woman" ??? nice one spencer !

  23. "the king is going to jump in and smash the queen" lol

  24. Let me, Cullen29$, join an LP clan in Clash Royale!

  25. Think replacing hogs with balloons would've been a lot safer, Queen could get 2 AD and kill squad could get the other 2. CC only targeted ground. Doesn't matter I guess, still got the 3.

  26. 5:06 "This is the guy who just found a turd in his hotel" ROFL hahahaha :P