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Clash of clans-epic Gowiwi attacks|2|Clan war attacks!Eagle alltelery! and the Grand Warden!|COC|

  1. I decided to star something new for my YouTube channel!is your Question of the Day!Every video will have a question from you all! when you are going to ask a question you should put this letters!CQOTD! and then your question like this example!

    CQOTD:Why you star YouTube?

    (Thats a example)
    Please leave your questions see you Monday!

  2. Alright I'll give u a shoutout on my next vid

  3. 4 more subscribes so we can do the special 60 subscribers and maybe a 10 dollars Giveaway!!

  4. lol

  5. Great video and its royal cloak lol

  6. ok I will

  7. Give me a shoutout and I will give u one also subscribe I'll subscribe to u