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Clash of Clans – EPIC TH11 Base Design! (Legend League)

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  1. Great base that is very hard to attack with gowiwi or any golem attack… BUT WHAT A COPIER LOL

  2. i get 3 star from this base

  3. Your lucky I twitted you a pic of both infernos being frozen at the same time. No credit?

  4. could you make a video of your clan and what is it called because you are awesome, your a life saver for me on clash of clans

  5. Can't you freeze both infernos on this base?

  6. Anyone Need a clan join here~Legacy of Clash???

  7. Chief pat please please please make a top town hall 7 base design!

  8. I love this base I use it

  9. I regularly 3 star this base with a 75% success rate in low titans. AQ Warden Walk in the southeastern corner to kill an AD and AQ .. then send BK toward 6 oclock and wallbreaker into the wall near the eagle…. follow up with laloon from the top side. It's not really a good base… maybe against noobs.

    3 lavas 23 loons, 4 healers, 6 wbs, 1 minion… 2 rage 2 freeze poison 3 hastes. ez pz

  10. Join my clan its called Army of Titans with the trade mark sign at the end

  11. hey Pat, im th8 maxed except walls. should i push to high crystal or chill at gold 2 for good loot?

  12. I use that base to I have been using it for like a week and im down in masters and it works really well been winning pretty much all my battles on defense

  13. I don't know if anyone ever asked supercell for that, but wouldn't it be cool to have another ranking list with the highest levels in game? If you like the ideas and somehow can give it to supercell, it would be great! Thanks

  14. coo

  15. in what device you do your attacks on war? thx in advance

  16. I almost lose with this base in Titan 1

  17. it's been a while since I want one of our videos pat

  18. I'll sub anyone who subs me:)

    Comment when done!

  19. The second defense the attacker should have let the GW finish off… He might have got the TH

  20. in the second replay he would of got the th if he didnt surrender because of the grand warden

  21. Any skilled attacker can freeze both inferno towers at the same time which is a big no no.

  22. #Moltmath

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  24. I trademarked this base !!! U cant use it and i learned it from fine bros!!