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Clash of Clans – EPIC TH6 Farming Base! – NEW Two Air Defense Update – (CoC Town hall 6 Hybrid Base)

Clash of Clans gameplay from Eclihpse | Clash of Clans! Best town hall 6 farming base in Clash of Clans for the new two air defense update! This coc th6 base is …


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  1. this is so fail

  2. Please respond guys… How long did it take you to become th6? In months or whatever. Thanks

  3. I love your intro btw and could you show us it in a video?

  4. th6 war base please!!

  5. nice

  6. can u do a townhall 7 one ? plz

  7. The song hit me so hard. Logic.

  8. Love these builds with music❤️❤️

  9. why do u make farming baces when u can't farm on coc anymore not bashing just don't see any point to anymore. ps love your videos

  10. Can you make a Th10 war base please you haven't made one since the update.


  12. you used 4 builder huts. I'm th6 and I don't see how it's possible to get 4 huts. I have 3 without buying gems. jsjs awesome video tho bro keep up the great work

  13. Join my clan!! WarBrutes
    Has a black and white flag. I'm trying to recruit players to create a war clan. Pls get me to at least 10 players. Free elder. I'm always active. Th4 and above.

  14. Th8 plz

  15. You the MVP ??

  16. name of the music

  17. Just some advice you put Town Hall "7" not "6" in the description!

  18. On the th7 new Base u can only have 1 dark Elixer drill☺Luv your vids?

  19. Could you make a town hall 9 hybrid base that actually defends well? I've been getting 2 starred with all the bases you make :(

  20. Bruh you're in EE and making shitty th6 farm bases, I mean if you think about it if you made war videos you'd have some of the best war videos on Yt

  21. k. i dont have anof walls. so wat did i do wrong. but. love the base!

  22. telsas?

  23. 7 not 8

  24. you did it wrong Town Hall 7 we only got 1 dark drill

  25. Nice base Eclihpse!

  26. Town hall six trolling